Summary of the Pontoon Rules

The drawing to the left shows the current pontoon layout. Please note the following:

  • No boats should be left unattended on the pontoon at any time.

  • Rule 2 states, "The outer (easternmost) face of the pontoons is to be used exclusively for loading and unloading and is not to be used for overnight or extended stays".

  • Rule 3 states, "The inner face of the outermost pontoon and the opposing face of the next pontoon, six berths in total, may be used for the occasional overnight stay, provided the boat is manned by crew competent to move the boat at short notice if requested. These berths are to be filled from the southerly end of the pontoon bay first, so as to maximise the number of berths available".

  • Any member wishing to keep their boat on the pontoon unattended, overnight or for an extended period must apply to the General Committee for approval prior to doing so.

  • Dinghy parking is permitted only in the areas indicated.

  • Only members who have a dinghy permit are permitted to park in the areas shown in GREENPermits must be clearly displayed at all times.

  • The areas for all other members are indicated in BLUE.

  • Where possible, the Committee would encourage more able-bodied members to launch and retrieve dinghies via the slip/channel.

  • Rule 17 states, "A 240-volt supply is provided only for use aboard a vessel lying to the drying out posts. For reasons of safety, this power point must not be used to run a supply to boats moored to the pontoons".

  • A reservation sheet for the Drying out posts is located on the Notice Board in the Engine Shed.

A full set of Pontoon Rules is available via the "Constitution, Rules & Bye-Laws" link below.