The job of Boat Park Convenor can at times be a thankless one. In order to ensure smooth and easy running of the Club by those who volunteer their time, etc, it is imperative that everyone, without exception, follow simple protocols to lighten the burden.

NO boat may be stored without receipt of a Winter Storage Application Form (see link below), thereby confirming that the member carries the appropriate level of insurance.

Consent of both the Boat Park Convenor and the General Committee are required prior to hauling out.  

The Boatpark Convenor shall provide a list to

Mr. John Scott as to which vessels are permitted to be stored in the boatyard. 

The placement of each vessel in the boatyard is at the sole discretion of the Boat Park Convenor.


ALL outstanding fees must be paid in full within one month of receipt of an invoice.  Members with outstanding fees will be denied permission to store a vessel in the boatyard.

For efficient and harmonious running of the Club and to maintain security, please inform the Boat Park Convenor of any and all vessels and property brought to or removed from the Club. This includes:


  • When you are hauling out or launching your boat.  


  • When your electric meter is connected and its start reading.  


  • If you are bringing a contractor on site to carry out work on your vessel/trailer.  


  • If a part owner is going to be at RCC to carry out work on a vessel.  We have had several break-ins and we need to know that everyone who has access to the Club is legitimate.


  • If and when any large equipment such as cranes, etc, are to be brought in and used.


  • If any new vessel/rib or other watercraft is placed in the boatpark. The owner's name must be clearly displayed on it.


  • If you change boat.


  • If you bring a trailer on site.


  • If you are shot-blasting, carrying out hot-work, etc.  


  • If you borrow any Club property let the Boat Park Convenor know and also when you return it.